245Now that the holidays are officially over, I’ve been trying to incorporate healthier eating habits into my diet.  One way is by eating more salads.  I love a hearty salad with lots of interesting ingredients, and this Asian chicken salad certainly did not disappoint.  In fact,  it tasted so good that I could not stop eating it the other day.  Yes, I think it’s that delicious!  I found the original recipe on the Allrecipes site but tweaked it a bit with some of my own additions and you should feel free to do the same.  Some things I added to my salad were water chestnuts, mandarin orange slices, toasted almonds and toasted sesame seeds.  I kept the tangy and yummy peanut butter-based dressing true to form however.  The slight heat in the dressing combined with the peanut butter reminded me of the Indonesian gado gado dressing that I am so fond of.  I hope you will enjoy this dish as much as I did. (Click HERE for the recipe)