Raspberry Jelly Roll

This morning I got out of bed and baked a jelly roll cake.  I’ve never actually baked one before but I’ve certainly had my share of eating them growing up.  My sweet mother would bake such “roll cakes”, as she used to call them, almost every week,  filling them with mocha cream as well as strawberry jam.  Hers were so good in fact, that many of her friends and her friend’s friends soon began to order these cakes from her on a regular basis.   So I guess on this Valentine’s Day I felt it very fitting to bake my own jelly roll cake, not only because they’re super yummy but also because it brings back lots of loving memories of my mom.  This recipe comes from Paula Dean and was found on the Food TV website.  I added a couple tablespoons of cream sherry to the jam for a little more punch.  The cake was tasty but I think could have been more tender and moist, like how my mom’s cakes were.  I’m not sure if I over-baked or over mixed the batter which created a slightly tougher cake but it wasn’t bad for my first try, and I think even mom would be quite proud of me.  Happy Valentine’s Day!