008A large, rectangular, brightly colored cooler arrived at my doorstep yesterday afternoon.  Inside was a bounty of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits of the season. There were beautiful cherries, swiss chard, fava beans, turnips, beets, romaine lettuce, juicy apricots, a funky looking broccoli, carrots that looked like they were just pulled from the ground that morning, and a bundle of fresh herbs.  How could I be so fortunate to have received such a package, you might be wondering?  Well, all I did was sign up with Auntie Em’s produce delivery service.  Yes, the same Auntie Em’s of Auntie Em’s Kitchen in Eagle Rock that is known for their freshly prepared home cooking and of course those luscious cupcakes that everyone talks about!  Every other week I’ll receive a basket of goodies that have been carefully selected by the Auntie Em’s staff, usually from the local farms and farmer’s markets in the area.  Hopefully,  this biweekly service will supplement my weekly grocery shopping as well as encourage me to try different kinds of produce, the things that I probably wouldn’t choose for myself.  Plus there’s the culinary challenge of it all.  I mean, it’s not every day that I get to use purple sprouting broccoli or fava beans in my cooking,  you know?  In the coming days I’ll share with you some of the recipes I’ve tried out.  Luckily, Auntie Em’s posts weekly recipes and preparation tips on their website which I think is pretty cool and helpful.  Bon Appetit!