010As I mentioned in my previous post, this past week I’ve been experimenting with some of the fresh vegetables from my recent Auntie Em’s delivery.  I used the Red Scarlett Turnips and Purple Sprouting Broccoli and made a very simple  stir-fry.  All I did was slice the turnips fairly thin, chopped up the broccoli including the stems, tossed everything together in a skillet with some butter, and sauteed for about 7 minutes.   I seasoned this with sea salt and freshly ground pepper and voila, a tasty side dish that went perfectly with the curry chicken I picked up at Trader Joe’s.  I’ve also been eating the turnips raw in salads which adds a nice, colorful touch.  Or even easier than that, eat sliced up raw turnips sprinkled with a bit of salt and you have the perfect, healthy snack.  You know what? I’m beginning to like turnips.