Just out of the fying pan!

Just out of the fying pan!

No, don’t adjust your dial or change the channel, it really is ME posting again!  Yes, after a two month hiatus, or summer vacation of sorts,  I’m ready to share some fun and interesting recipes again on my beloved blog.  And speaking of fun, who out there loves to deep fry?  While I enjoy eating my share of deep fried goodies, I believe I suffer from a frying-phobia.  I clearly recall the last time I attempted to make some homemade apple fritters.  Everything was going along quite smoothly until the time came to actually fry them babies.  Hot, splattered oil, fritters that were burnt on the outside and quite raw on the inside…uh, no thank-you.  I’ll leave the deep frying to the experts.  Until last night, that is.  Yep, you guessed it, I got up the nerve to attempt my deep frying skills again.  You see, my produce basket arrived on Monday and inside were some beautiful zucchini blossoms.  I’ve been hearing and reading about how delicious these are when they’re stuffed with something savory like cheese, coated in a tempura-like batter, and deep fried in hot oil.  From the photograph, they don’t look too bad, eh?  I used a combination of cheddar cheese and cream cheese for the filling because these were what I had in my fridge.  Otherwise, ricotta or goat cheese would make a wonderful stuffed blossom too, or you can get fancy and add herbs and garlic to the cheese mixture.   Considering it was my first time making these, I was pretty encouraged with how they turned out and of course, how delicious these tasted.   There are lots of recipes out there for the batter but due to time and wanting to keep things simple, I chose a recipe that only used 3 ingredients.  Talk about easy!  The original batter recipe was for 18 zucchini blossoms so I halved it since I only had about 6 blossoms.  I think the trickier part for me was getting each of them coated uniformly with the batter.   Can you believe I did not burn one blossom?  Experts will tell you to heat the oil until it reaches 375 degrees F, but since I don’t own a deep fat thermometer, I guesstimated the oil temperature, and kept the burner on a medium flame throughout.  It seemed to work out just fine and guess what? No splattering!

Ingredients for the batter: for 6-8 zucchini blossoms

1/3 cup AP flour

1/3 cup club soda or light beer (I used diet lemon lime soda)!

dash of salt

about 2 cups Canola oil for frying

6-8 zucchini blossoms


1.  Whisk the flour, club soda, and salt in a large bowl until smooth

2.  To fill each zucchini blossom with the cheese mixture, carefully pull the petals away from each other and remove the stem that is inside.  Now fill with the cheese.  Once the blossom is stuffed, bring the petals back up, covering the cheese mixture as much as possible so the filling does not fall out during the frying process.

3.  Heat 1 inch oil in a 3-qt wide heavy saucepan over medium heat until it reads 375 degrees F (if you have a deep fat thermometer).  Working in batches  of 3, dip blossoms in batter to coat, and fry turning occasionally with a slotted spoon until golden.  Transfer to paper towels to blot excess oil.