Since I didn’t have to labor at the office today (lucky for me!), I decided to do a little laboring in the kitchen on this beautiful September day.  Fortunately, the turn in the weather has made turning on the stove a little more bearable today as temperatures were only in the upper 80’s!

I had been carrying around a copy of a pasta carbonara recipe in my purse for the past 2 weeks now, and today would be the day I finally made it.  I love pasta carbonara–so rich and creamy, it’s a dish I’ve tried several times at restaurants but never made myself.  This particular recipe, compliments of Terri Wahl from Auntie Em’s Kitchen, uses penne pasta and lots and lots of summer zucchinis.   I couldn’t find pancetta at my grocery store this morning so I opted for applewood bacon instead (how could one go wrong with bacon, right?).  Click here for the recipe.  Buon Appetito!