032How many out there, besides me, remember Goober, that well-loved, childhood treat from Smuckers which combined grape (or strawberry) jelly with peanut butter all in one jar?  Come on now, don’t be shy.  Yeah… I thought so!  This past weekend I was lucky enough to be shopping with my niece Alycia who happened to eye a jar of the striped concoction on the grocery shelf.  Naturally, she asked her Auntie to buy it for her.  I happily laid out my three bucks,  and took home our container of nostalgia.  When we opened up the jar we were surprised to find this lovely “spirograph”-like design.  Who would have ever thought that Goober could actually be, uh, a work of art?!  My niece didn’t want to dig into the pretty PB & J design just yet, so we took a photograph of it.  It took a little convincing, but Alycia finally agreed to spoon into the gooey Goober goodness, giving her Auntie a mouthful of sweet childhood memories.

What food products remind you most of your childhood?